is a transparent Job Board company which offers refund to unsatisfied employers
under the following terms and conditions mentioned below.
Any employer if not satisfied by the Job postings because of poor response from Applicants will be
eligible for a refund. The refund process takes place within 7 working days after the scrutiny of job
applications received for the jobs posted. Only if the application response is less than 05 received
for the job posting.
Refund process
Via Chat support on the website ( or with email: during
business hours (Mon-Sat: 10 am – 6 pm)
In what cases is not liable for any replacements/recovery/liability?
Employers who are hiring for other employers.
Employers who are charging money.
Vulgar Jobs
Employers post obscene jobs.
Employers post jobs requiring personal favors.
Employers posting jobs involvement in human trafficking.
Employers post any religious, sexual, or politically motivated jobs.
MLM Jobs
Employers post jobs to promote and sell products.
Employers attract candidates to work on pyramid schemes.
Click Bait Jobs
Employers falsely mention the job details to attract candidates.
Employers spreading misinformation.
Consultancies or placement agencies who register with us as employers
*When you purchase a plan from you automatically agree with the statements
listed above and for the refund policy.